B. Bindumadhav

The flagship Bhima Jewels store is located in Kochi and managed by B. Bindumadhav, son of Bhima Bhattar. Bindumadhav joined the jewellery industry as a teenager with his first position in sales. He was a quick learner and has played a key role in introducing many new ideas and concepts to the market. Under Bindumadhav’s guidance and game-changing vision of how jewellery should be procured and sold in the retail market, Bhima expanded its operations and product portfolio to better serve customers.

Abhishek Bindumadhav represents the third generation of the family and has been involved in all aspects of the company. He has been instrumental in launching Bhima Boutique and is executing his father’s and grandfather’s vision, taking the organization to the next level with a fashion-forward outlook. His vision is to create a top-notch organization that not only provides exquisite fine jewellery and lifestyle products but to create a positive impact in society.