Gold tree is a popular gold purchase plan from Bhima,which has helped thousands of customers to turn their golden dreams into reality.Bhima envisions gold tree as an ennobling example of social responsibility.Through it,Bhima is giving wings to the aspirations and ambitions of many a family.

Despite the unrelenting rise in the price of gold,customers are now confident to face the future with a smile. Gold Tree has a two year tenure.The investment can be made through easy monthly savings.Every month when the saving is made ,the gold price applicable on that day is fixed against the amount paid.

Through this,the customers are protected from the rising gold prices.Besides this,they are eligible for 6% annual bonus and attractive discounts on making charges.

  • 2 year tenure(24 months)
  • Only gold ornaments are covered under the plan.
  • 6% simple annual bonus will be given to eligible customers.
  • Only those who complete 6 months installments will be eligible for the bonus.
  • The minimum investment should be Rs.250 or its multiples.
  • Bonus will be calculated on the basis of membership period only.

Bhima Gift Voucher Scheme

For those who are too stunned by our range of gift articles, Bhima gift vouchers are the ideal choice and are available at a face value of Rs.1000 per voucher. The advantage of gift vouchers is that the recipient gets to choose what they really want. These are preferred by organizations for their gifting and employee/associate reward requirement