At Bhima, we believe in giving you the best and most convenient ways to own gold. The Gold Tree Scheme is one such way. It’s a chance for you to invest in jewellery today and realize its appreciated value after a period of time.

The price of gold has shot up by over 200% in the past five years, imagine its value 5 years from now. Those who clearly see a future requirement for this precious metal will also know the high costs they will have to face.

This scheme which is tailor-made for you allows you to buy the gold you need as you pay the cost of it over time, thus giving you a higher purchasing power through simplified payments.

A few of the benefits that come your way are – It makes for a great investment option, ideal for security, upward appreciation and effortless liquidity options.

This scheme comes alive in 3 forms – The Akshaya Scheme. The Apoorva Scheme and the Bhima Dlite Diamond Scheme.

Monthly deposits run in multiples of 500 for gold and 1000 for diamonds and ranges from a fixed period of 1 year to 18 months.

What’s more – You not only allow yourself to buy quantities of gold that you would find unaffordable today, but you receive a bonus on your savings.

Bhima’s innovative gold savings schemes allow customers to make easy monthly contributions towards gold purchases. With bonus contributions from Bhima, it’s the smart way to gold ownership.