The Bhima

Gold Tree

Realising that gold is indeed a true investment, we bring to you the Bhima Gold Tree, a gold purchasing plan. The Bhima Gold Tree is one of our most prestigious schemes. The scheme is instituted to insure against the risk of fluctuations in gold rates in international market. The Bhima gold tree undertakes to give the maximum return for your money.

The essence of the scheme is that it is very customer friendly. To sum up the working of the scheme, the member enrolled in the plan invest a sum of money, in installments of each month. The installment money is directly credited to the investor’s account in an equivalent weight of 22 karat (91.6) gold of the same value, effectively converting the savings into gold. To add aroma to the mix, the installments starts from as low as Rs.500 and its multiples. The period of the scheme shall be for eighteen months from the date of joining.

Besides the original credits, a bonus is also added to the account, which would be reflected in the account upon maturity. With the added benefit of the bonus, you would have to pay a very less amount as making charges, if at all. Enjoy the double bonanza.

Invest in the precious metal and secure the future.

P.s: Gold coins, bullion or other items are excluded from Bhima Gold Tree. The savings or the bonus cannot be exchanged for cash.

P.P.S: Bhima Gold Tree is offered at Bhima Kochi, Kottayam, Kovai, Mysore and Thodupuzha showrooms. For more details please refer to our terms and conditions or contact our store.

Download the Bhima Jewels Gold Tree Purchase Plan leaflet

Download the Bhima Jewels Gold Tree registration form/Terms & Conditions