Invest in gold – Invest in your future:

Investment in gold is indeed a true investment. If you look closely, in terms of total return, you will see that gold only surpassed the overall stock market during a period of 5 years. Gold can prove to be a good investment over shorter time spans. Gold has done well in the previous decade strongly because of the two great crashes .The thing about gold is that as the market begins to crash, people invest money in gold for safety, which forces the price of gold up. Gold is viewed as a good place to put money when the market enters the “fear phase”. Gold can be a good investment avenue, but you have to have a pre-deposition for how the market will behave over the time frame that you want to invest in. If you are new to investing, I would recommend investing to the general stock market. As you gain more skill and knowledge, you can predict when the fear index in the market will increase based on that you can then invest in gold.