Know more about your Diamond jewellery

There are many beautiful gemstones that have been created by nature and mined from the earth but the most regal of them is the diamond. The mysterious diamond is the most popular gemstone of them all. ‘Diamond’ derives from ‘Adamas’, the Greek word meaning ‘invincible’. Over the centuries the diamond has been a symbol for strength, luxury, beauty and commitment. Nations have gifted diamonds to other nations as a measure of friendship and respect. Lovers have gifted diamonds to seal their promises to one another.4C’s are important for getting to know the elements of your diamond jewellery.

  1. Cut-The cut of a diamond is the proportion, symmetry and finish created by a skilled diamond cutter to bring out the full beauty of the diamond. The cut determine the way the diamond handles light giving it more sparkle and brilliance.
  2. Colour- When we speak of a diamond’s colour we are referring to the presence or absence of colour in white diamonds. Jewellers use the alphabet to grade diamonds starting with D, the very rare colourless diamond, moving through the alphabet as the colour exhibited becomes more visible.
  3. Clarity-Clarity refers to the presence of inclusions inside the diamond such as non-diamond mineral. These will display themselves in the form of white or black marks. These non- diamond minerals have been caught in the process of the diamond being formed deep under the earth. Different parts of the world have different mineral deposits.
  4. Carat Weight-The carat weight of a stone may be expressed as carats or points but they are both the same. 100 points make up a carat which can write as 1.00 carat. Half a carat may be 50 points or 0.50 carat. A one carat diamond weighs one fifth of a gram.

It is interesting to know that Diamond and graphite are two allotropes of carbon. Pure forms of the same element that differs in structure. The graphite in pencils is the same element as a diamond. It is the way that the earth has acted that makes the difference from a lump of fossil fuel to a stunningly beautiful and scintillating gemstone. Diamonds are the hardest mineral known so it is fascinating that graphite is so soft, diamond so hard, but they both are formed from the same chemical element.